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June 22, 2015 ACR Meeting Minutes

Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2015 at 10:40 PM

Alcona County Republicans,

Sorry these are so late. To be perfectly honest, as Secretary of the ACR, I hate doing the meeting minutes. But, I will always have them done before the next meeting. I went ahead and put them into the body of the email. If the sending process makes them hard to read, you can always open the attachment. Thanks. - Carrie Mullins

Ready for distribution:


June 22, 2015 - Meeting Minutes


Harrisville Township Hall, 114 S. Poor Farm Rd., Harrisville, MI 48740


Meeting Called to Order at 7:15 pm by Chair Lawrence Brozowski


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation by Pastor Wayne Whitten – We are thankful for what brings us here tonight. The state of our Nation needs help. We pray that the country be returned to God.



In Attendance: Lawrence Brozowski, Bill Sanders, Carrie Mullins, Frank Demercurio, Wayne Whitten, David Glass, Sandra Call (1st District Membership Chair), Dave Chandler (Alpena Tea Party Chair), Jesse Osmer (1st District Chair), Norman Charles Weber, Leroy and Rosie Perrin, Ernest and Theresa Reumanapp; a total of 15 people were at the meeting.


Order of Business:


1) Prior meeting minutes (5-28-15) were read into the record by Carrie Mullins and were approved.



2) Treasurer’s Report. As of May 28, 2015, we have 15 dues paying members. Another $120 from David Glass for Gold Membership. $100 pre-payment for VistaPrint order.


Account Balances as of May 21, 2015


Savings Account # 938-000 Cash Deposit $5.00


Checking Account #938-040 931.98


Membership Dues/Fees collected 95.00


Total Checking Account Balance as of May 21, 2015 = $ 1,026.98


Total cash assets = $ 1,031.98


The Treasurer, David Dionne, was unable to attend. He did email the report to the executives, but we forgot to print out a copy. So, here it is.



3) Lawrence Brozowski, Chairman – Fear of Affiliation


Fear of taking a stand or getting involved with groups or people that are taking a stand on issues makes us complacent and apathetic. We often hear a lot of complaining, but that doesn’t do much. There is a lack of interest in the community. The community at large does not get involved in political issues. There is a fear of what someone may think of you if you speak your mind? Fear of offending someone. Who is this “someone” that we should be afraid of? Those who can impact the most people need to stand up and use free speech.


Religion and Politics can coexist. Beliefs need to be turned into action. The country is moving in the wrong direction. Political correctness is a major source of fear, but we can’t stay quiet. We need to get people talking, sharing ideals and principles; show support for that which you believe in. The moral majority bows to the few. Are we victims? Don’t be a victim. Speak your mind, open a debate, and don’t be afraid to offend. I will not actively support a Party or Candidate that supports abortion, same sex marriage, long term welfare, or the redistribution of wealth. Be proud to be a Republican.



4) Wayne Whitten, Vice Chair, talked about Reformers Unanimous (RU).


Wayne is an activist that has been preaching for 49 years. The ministry of the Family Heritage Baptist Church was started by Pastor Ernest Reumenapp. Wayne thought he was retired, but took over the ministry and has been spreading the good word. He has no fear of speaking his mind. He visits the local prisons and presides over the meetings. RU is a program designed to keep addicts out of prisons. This program is a profound life changer. It has support from the courts (Judge Frawley, Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Weichel and Judge Miles to name a few). RU meetings take place every Friday at 7 pm at the Family Heritage Baptist Church (



5) Dave Chandler is the new Chair of the Alpena Tea Party; he took over for Bob Lamb. He spoke briefly about “word tracks;” well chosen words make all the difference.



6) Dave Glass requested membership cards. We are putting together a VistaPrint order with those included; should be able to present them at the next meeting.



7) Sandra Call, the Membership Chair for the 1st District, came to speak and offer assistance in gaining more members. She is also the Vice Chair for Grand Traverse County. She had several suggestions.


a) Matching t-shirts – which we added to the VistaPrint order.


b) Post card invitations to large events that we host. For this, we need a database with names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.


c) Hosting a Republican picnic party. Pick a local park or other free venue, post flyers, put event in the paper, send post cards to those that we have addresses for, get some hot dogs, chips, dips, some salads, etc. and offer literature and candid conversation about ACR and Republican values. Maybe get a speaker. Free food is a big incentive for people to show up. Offer membership and invitations to the meetings.


d) Free membership to those who bring in 2 or 3 dues paying members.


e) Possibly offering a discount on membership for the first year. Those who pay dues are more likely to get involved.


f) Free advertisement in places like the “Local News” section of the Alcona County Review. Also should check out WBKB TV 11 and their Community Calendar.


g) Our Republican county officials should be at our meetings and be dues paying members, after all, we supported them and voted for them. There is a directory of these people at this website:

*Call to Action: If you know any of these officials, please let them know about us.



8) Frank Dimercurio spoke about the Chosen Ranch nearing completion.


The house is pretty much ready, the inspections are done, but they are still working hard. The house parents are at the Chosen Ranch. It still amazes Frank how clueless the parents, who are supposed to love and raise these kids are. “God didn’t make trash.” There is a “disease called laziness.” Many of the children he sees need male role models, father figures, to teach them values. The Boys and Girls Summer Program has seen some kids that graduated from the program return. On Saturday the 27th of June, the Chosen Ranch will be hosting a Fellowship. Frank was on the Channel 11 news and that can be viewed here:


9) Dues paying members voted nay on attending the 4th of July Glennie parade.



10) Dues paying members voted yea to paying $75 in annual dues to the 1st District Republican Party; what helps them helps us in the long run. The amount to pay is based on the number of delegates we can send to conventions, and we have 3 at $25 each.



11) We will be attending the Alcona County Fair, August 18th through the 22nd. Larry already paid the $30 for the booth. We will be outside. Peter Pettalia will get us a box of handouts.




Peter Pettalia spoke about the new road legislation that passed the House of Representatives. You can view most of the speech (my camera only records about 30 minutes of video) on our website: It’s on the home page at the top on the right hand side. This package of bills passed the House and are off to the Senate. Pete did say that the Senate will probably “adjust” the bills. The bills that pull money from the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) will probably not pass. In the House of Representatives, they came up with a plan to fix our roads. It’s up to the Senate now.



Meeting Adjourned at 9:20 pm.


Next Meeting: July 27, 2015



P.S. – July 25, 2015


*Call to Action: In recent days a video has surfaced regarding the collection and sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood. There is current legislation passing through the Senate. Please contact Senator Stabenow and Peters and let them know they need to vote to Defund Planned Parenthood. The sanctity of life needs to be preserved.


The video:


Contact Gary Peters:


Contact Debbie Stabenow:


Also, sign Rand Paul’s petition to get the Senate to vote on his bill:


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