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ELECTION UPDATE - Don't Give In - Trump Won

Posted by on November 19, 2020 at 4:55 PM

First of all - A RECOUNT CANNOT HAPPEN UNTIL RESULTS ARE CERTIFIED (legally, Nov. 17 for counties and Nov. 23 for State - for this 2020 general election).


Secondly - AN AGGRIEVED CANDIDATE CAN REQUEST A RECOUNT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE CERTIFICATION. Election officials can also do their own recounts if deemed necessary (like Antrim county did). So, until Nov. 25th. A recount can be requested on the basis of a narrow margin and/or belief of incorrect results because of fraud or error.


Thirdly - Definitions - Audit, Recount, Canvass (re-Canvass)


Audit Definition (SoS): Independent review and examination of records and activities to assess the adequacy of system controls, to ensure compliance with established policies and operational procedures, and to recommend necessary changes in controls, policies, or procedures.


Recount Definition: A candidate for a federal, state, county, city, township, village, or school office who believes that the canvass of the votes cast on the office is incorrect because of fraud or error in the precinct returns may petition for a recount of the votes cast in the precincts involved. -----" target="_blank">


Canvass or Re-Canvass Definition: To ascertain and determine the result of an election. This includes the verification of vote validity. This is where a court ruling may decide which ballots / votes can be LEGALLY counted. A re-canvass is conducted AFTER results are certified and recounts are requested/required.


The Board of State Canvassers is responsible for conducting recounts for [President], Statewide Offices, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative in Congress, State Senator and State Representative, [etc.].


For more information, consult MCL (Michigan Compiled Laws) Section 168 - There are so many subsections so, good luck with that. MICHIGAN ELECTION LAW Act 116 of 1954

116-1954-I Division CHAPTER I DEFINITIONS (168.1...168.19)


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