Alcona County Republicans

Alcona County Republicans

Local involvement shapes a nation.

More Items Coming Soon!

DONATE $20 for a Leather Flag Pin. Specify Elephant or Eagle. Please allow 2-4 weeks for making and shipping your pin. Carrie Mullins makes each one by hand. You can use the Contact Us page to add your address, or add a comment to seller on PayPal's page.


$20 for a single Adult Membership

$35 for a Couple's Membership

$10 for a Student Membership

Even family members under the voting age of 18 years old can benefit from coming to our meetings and watching the process. This is where it all starts. 

Receive a digital copy of our meeting minutes and agendas. Members are welcome to vote at any of our meetings.

Donate and choose from Leather Flag Pins, Memberships and more.

Only PayPal can be Accepted (for now). Contact Us with any questions or for more information.