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Alcona County Republicans

Local involvement shapes a nation.

This video is meant to be paused so you can read the entire FORENSIC AUDIT REPORT of the DOMINION voting machines used in ANRTIM County, MI. Also, you can view it in YouTube - for now. Should make full screen view easier.

This video shows why they want you to hate Trump so much. Are you paying attention? It's been removed from several social media platforms.

The deadline was the 21st. Alcona County, in 3 weeks collected 319 signatures, and the weather was crappy. Not too bad.

WE HAVE RECALL WHITMER PETITIONS. We have 3 weeks left and are finally getting their stuff together for our 5 county region. I have 2 signs and a banner for setting up. The petitions are by TOWNSHIP/CITY, not county, so 1 township per page. As an example, there are 13 precincts/jurisdictions in Alcona County.

WE ARE ALSO SENDING PETITIONS WITH PEOPLE TO TAKE TO WORK (Kalitta and Tawas Hospital are big ones). SO, if you are in the surrounding counties we want your help too. I will try to get more legal sized clipboards. 10 pages per clipboard.
1) Complete the training - - scroll down and watch the 2 training videos (there's also training docs/downloads for extra credit).
2) Fill out the Registration Form (found in the top right orange bar).
3) Then let me know - CONTACT US or email
Events (where and when and how long) should be posted to the website as well.
You can also Join the Facebook Group Page - there's a link to that on the website.
Posted 11-25-2020

I've gotten a lot of requests from people asking what they can do. Here's 3 options.

           1. CALL TO ACTION:  Contact the Legislature - "Thank you for having oversight committee hearings. Please pursue all investigations and legal avenues. I don't trust the results and fear for our election integrity." You can also mention not just going after the fact that Republican Poll Challengers were kicked out, but the ballots that magically appeared past the FEDERAL DEADLINE, and all of the counties that have the "glitching" software need to be investigated and recounted.
Find your State Representative and Senator here:

2. From MIGOP - Pass this on - / 877-283-8683
Last week, after it became abundantly clear that Michigan experienced widespread election irregularities, we partnered with the RNC and President Trump’s campaign to launch a full-scale investigative operation into these issues.
We need your help to identify the full breadth of these problems across Michigan. If you have any information that would help in these investigative efforts, we have set up a dedicated email and call-in line for you to contact us.
Phone: 87-SAVEVOTE (877-283-8683)
It is imperative that you contact us if you have any information that you believe is evidence of irregularities in our election.

3. President Donald J. Trump Election Defense Fund
Democrats Are Trying to Steal This Election

Okay, Folks. Voting Results. BE PATIENT. The Electoral College has to play itself out. And there WILL BE LITIGATION, AUDITS, and RECOUNTS.

LOCAL race results at the precinct level are pretty accurate as are uncontested races (EXAMPLE: Carrie Mullins is elected Mikado Township Trustee). The results of Alcona County elections are here:

STATE DISTRICTS for Governors, Senate and Representatives are mostly accurate BUT THERE IS A LOT OF FRAUD and legal disputes are underway.

STATEWIDE and NATIONAL races require accumulated results and won't be accurate enough to officially call for some time.



President and US Senator CANNOT be called yet. Nor can some of the US Congressional Representative races due to lawsuits that have been filed (except for example, Jack Bergman won the 1st Congressional District with 67% of the vote - landslide victory can be claimed here).

Mask Rule

We are not enforcers - wear a mask and social distance as you see fit.

We will continue to have our meetings on the 4th Monday of the Month, IN PERSON and via CONFERENCE CALL.

Make Calls using the Red Dialer app. Door Knock using the Advantage Mobile app.
Shoot us a quick email and we'll tell you how you can help.
Here's the clickable link if you want to join online.
We will be talking about the Unlock Michigan Repeal 1945 EMGA
CALL AND ASK - Deadlines are looming

The filing deadline is April 21st. You will need a NOTARIZED SIGNATURE, your Township Clerk is usually a notary; also, you can call your banking institute and they can help you get your AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY Notarized. You will need to either mail in or drop off your nominating petitions and affidavits to your Township or County Clerk. Call and ask.

This is the Alcona County Directory:

The filing deadline is May 5th. You only need to fill out an AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY and have it NOTARIZED. Then you must send it to the County Clerk or drop it off. Your Township Clerk will also be able to file this for you properly.

Here is the Precinct Delegate Form:

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has done nothing to extend the deadline to ease the burden of collecting signatures and notarizing paperwork during Governor Whitmer's state wide "Stay Home Stay Safe" order. I do not understand why there is no relief for those getting involved in the election process during this pandemic, but here we are, facing a deadline.

Congratulations to Rep. Jack Bergman for getting his paperwork and signatures finalized. I look forward to voting for you on November 3rd.

Congrats to Carrie Mullins as she has also filed her paperwork and is running for Mikado Township Trustee as well as Mikado Township Republican Precinct Delegate.

We will elect 4 Delegates and 4 Alternate Delegates to the District Caucus and State Convention.


Video is now available:

Sheriff Scott Stephenson of Alcona County was at our July 22nd meeting.

We have stream-lined the meetings and Scott was introduced right after the invocation. So, be a bit early. Remember, we open at 6:30 pm, and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

I Condemn Violence; As We All Should – Commentary by Carrie Mullins, ACR Chair

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America.” - @realDonaldTrump

The MSM needs to stop the "Trump and all his supporters are racist, bigots, etc...." WRONG! Their opinion is neither fact nor news worthy. Saying something over and over and over again doesn't make it true, but the hateful followers buy it hook line and sinker. It's a play right out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Too many Americans have fallen for the long term tactics, and I fear we are getting closer and closer to the end game. Liberals and Conservatives used to have a lot more in common 50+ years ago. Now, we are so divided and it's infecting our youth. The hate is bleeding over into violence. And let's face facts; it's the Liberal Extremists who make up the majority of the politically and socially violent.

We have to stop the hating, the name calling, the mud slinging. We have to at least agree to be Americans. One thing we should always have in common is a country we can be proud of. There's always room for improvement, but the fundamentals shouldn't change. The USA is a Constitutional Republic; a country where we are free to strive for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I am proud to be an American citizen. And I formally condemn the violence. There is no reason to encourage or commit harm to others. I feel that hate, the lack of respect for life, the loss of the family unit and the steady decline of a civil society have been embraced by the Radicals, and that acceptance has taken us to this point. Hopefully we can use reality, honesty and truth to correct this mentality and restore sanity and respect for others.


Rules for Radicals by Saul Alynski - full text.  Know Thy Enemy (in this case, Socialism)


We won Best Float at the Alcona County Fair. We also have Uniquely Designed Trump Signs at the Fair for a $10 Donation to help us get good conservative Republicans elected.

We had a wonderful time at the 4 County Lincoln / Reagan Dinner.

Very rarely do you see this many Chairs all in one spot:

MRP Administrative Vice Chair Gerry Hildenbrand

Carrie Mullins - Alcona

Doug Cady - Montmorency

Kevin Osbourne - Alpena

Geri Szymanski - Emmet

Cathy Stone - Cheboygan

Calendar of Events 2021
In Person:
Chosen Ranch Community Center (CRCC) - 483 E. Traverse Bay State Rd. Lincoln, MI 48742
Conference Call:
Call In #: 515-604-9300
Access Code: 106201
  • January 21st, 2021 Alcona County Convention at 7:00 PM - to elect Delegates and Alternates to the MRSC
  • February 6th = the Michigan Republican State Convention (MRSC) to elect our State Leadership
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO KEEP AMERICA, AMERICA - This election is less about candidates and more about Americanism versus Socialism. VOTE REPUBLICAN
  • Winter Hiatus – December, January and February

What You Can Do

Talk to your Family and Friends

Refer people to this site

Phone Calls

Door Knocking

Election day operations

Contact Us if you're interested

***** Check your voter status, your polling place and see your sample ballot by clicking this link: ******

The Alcona County Republicans are devoted to educating the public through civil discourse and we support Trump. We are for the Constitution, limited government, and freedom.


Call, email, send a fax, or send a letter.
We must let these people know we want Border Security, including a WALL / BARRIER. We want an end to this partial shutdown. Their number one job is to keep Americans safe. They MUST work with President Trump to do that. 

Contact ALL of the U.S. Legislators. Border Security is a National issue. Their votes effect us all.

IMPORTANT: Clicking on their names will lead you to their website where you can get all of their contact information. Most legislators use and email form.

Also, contact the White House and let President Trump know you support him and to stay the course. Phone Number for Comments: 202-456-1111
  • Sunrise Side Republican Women’s Club – 4th Monday of the month – Lunch, 11:30 am. Contact: Dawn Campbell, President, 989-915-0632,

Frank Dimercurio is Executive of the Chosen Ranch. We support this organization and the great work they do for our children.

STATEWIDE MICHIGAN PROPOSALS - Full text is on our 2nd page.

18-1 – Proposed law to legalize possession, use and cultivation of marijuana by individuals 21 or older and commercial sales of marijuana through state licensed retailers.

This 14 page law is complex and confusing. It will be harmful to our communities. Any taxes collected will go to welfare as seen in Colorado, Oregon and Maine. Plus home growers will be allowed to sell without paying taxes. We all know big tobacco caters to the poor, what do you think big marijuana will do? Learn more here:

A NO vote is recommended.

18-2 – Constitutional Amendment to establish a commission of citizens with exclusive authority to adopt district boundaries.

Called Voters not Politicians (a group paid for by Soros funded foundations), this would create an unelected bureaucracy for the purpose of redistricting. This will cost the taxpayers at least $527,000 in the first year and will not be able to be easily changed as it is an alteration to the Michigan State Constitution.

A NO vote is recommended.

18-3 – Authorize automatic and Election Day voter registration, no reason absentee voting and straight ticket voting and add current legal requirements for military and overseas voting and post election audits to the Michigan Constitution.

This means that a local clerk has to accept voter registration even on the day of an election = longer lines, increased cost to local municipalities for more staff, proof of citizenship will be very difficult to verify which may lead to more illegals voting in MI.

A NO vote is recommended.


For the purpose of maintaining, operating, rehabilitating and equipping public safety and other properties belonging to the county. $1 per $1,000 of taxable property value for a period of four years.

Due to the ever increasing needs for public safety in the county of Alcona, to help mitigate future fees and tax increases, and prevent loss of services, a YES vote is recommended.

Barton City and Glennie Parades - July 4th, 2018

On this site, you will learn about the Constitution, the Candidates, and current voting information. There is also a blog to help you stay current. You can always fill in the Contact Us form and ask questions.