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Veterans Assistance Fair

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Veterans Assistance Fair in Alpena, MI hosted by Dan Banishek.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

11:00am - 1:00pm

Alpena Community College

665 Johnson St

Rooms CTR 104 and 106

Alpena, MI 49707

Please contact my Alpena office at (989) 340-1635 if you have any questions about this upcoming event.

Call to Convention for Alcona County, MI

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Official Call to the Alcona County Convention.


There shall be a meeting of the duly elected Precinct Delegates and the At-Large Delegates to the County Convention at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at Harrisville Township Hall, 114 S. Poor Farm Rd., Harrisville, MI 48740.


The purpose of this meeting shall be to elect delegates and alternates to the April 8 - 9, 2016 State Convention to be held at the Lansing Center in the City of Lansing. The purpose of the State Convention is to elect delegates and alternates to the 2016 Republican National Convention and to elect our National Committeeman and Committeewoman.


Precinct delegates and certain at-large delegates given the preference under Rule 9 of the Convention Rules, but who cannot attend the county convention, must notify the chair of the County Executive Committee (Lawrence Brozowski – Chairman ([email protected])) or the following designee (Carrie Mullins – Secretary ([email protected] ) in writing (the “Notification”) of the person’s intention to become a delegate or alternate delegate to the state convention. The notification can be in any written form, including by letter or email, and must be received by the Chair of the County Executive Committee (or designee) by no later than the start of the County Convention on March 22, 2016. Failure to provide the notification as provided herein shall mean that the person shall not be given the preference under Rule 9 of the Convention Rules. It is not necessary to send a notification if a person attends the County Convention.


Only Precinct Delegates elected at the August 5, 2014 Primary Election, the most recent Republican nominees for County and State Legislative offices, the Michigan Congressional Delegation, the Republican National Committeeman and National Committeewoman from Michigan and Michigan Republican Party Officers (see Rule 5C) where such person resides in the county in question and Precinct Delegates elected to permanently fill vacancies at all subsequent county conventions will be seated and considered eligible to vote at this convention.



Lawrence Brozowski


Chairman, Lawrence Brozowski, Alcona County Republican Committee


1-25-16 Meeting Minutes

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January 25, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

Harrisville Township Hall, 114 S. Poor Farm Rd., Harrisville, MI 48740


Meeting Called to Order at 7:05 pm by Chair Lawrence Brozowski


Pledge of Allegiance led by Lawrence Brozowski

Invocation by Pastor Wayne Whitten

We pray for the continued ability to meet freely. We ask for blessings on America. Give us the wisdom to choose those who would lead us in righteous ways.

Video Available on YouTube -


In Attendance: Lawrence Brozowski, Carrie Mullins, Gary and Shelly Wnuk, Jesse Osmer, Tom Casperson, Dave DuBuque, Frank Dimercurio, Wayne Whitten, Tom Weichel, Doug Atchison, Jonathan Carman, Chad Spitzenagel, David Chandler, Bruce Lantto, Craig Johnston


Order of Business:

1) Summary of Core Team Accomplishments since the last meeting Oct. 24, 2015; by Carrie Mullins. We finalized the Letter to Public Officials. This is a letter we are using to garner the support of our local elected leaders. We have been attending township and board meetings to engage this part of the community. We’ve maintained our online presence with FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, and the website This has been important to get our conservative message to as many people as possible.


2) Treasurer’s Report as of 1-25-16 – Read by Proxy, Gary Wnuk

a. Beginning Balance $668.45

b. Dues Collected 125.00

c. Total Cash Assets (+ $5.00 in Savings) $798.45


3) Chairman’s Report – Who’s running for the various positions. *Note: We will have a list of candidates after the Presidential Primary on the 8th of March (Go Vote!). Larry is trying to get them to come out and speak. Lawrence Brozowski then introduced the speakers.



1) Jesse Osmer – Issues that affect the 1st District

Jesse was born and raised in Alpena. He is Pro Life, Pro Traditional Marriage, and Pro 2nd Amendment. The topics that were discussed included Federal Overreach, the 1st Amendment, Religious Liberties, Fighting the Bureaucracy, Veterans Issues, Bovine TB in Alpena and Alcona counties, and more. Many of the solutions that he discussed were related to communication. Knowing the people involved in specific areas, making contact, and finding down to earth solutions. As an example, Jesse talked about the Flint water crisis and how it was a failure that started at the local level. The lack of communication and accountability cascaded up the chain. Reforming the departments and making things more efficient can help tremendously. Jesse’s a candidate that can bridge the gaps, open the lines of communication and find the problems before they tumble out of control.


2) Tom Casperson – Republican running for US Representative for the 106th District in Michigan.

Tom was a log hauler for 27 years. The government was working against his profession and his family business which spurred him on to politics. He was the 108th District State House Representative and is now a MI State Senator. Some of the topics discussed included an attempt to amend the Elliott-Larsen Act of 1976 in regards to civil rights here in Michigan, the EPA’s Waters of the U.S. project, and the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and the DNR writing regulations and bypassing congress.

An example of the overreach is the Pigeon River ban on horse riding. Tom explained this very well. Fish and Game came in under the guise of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and says that horse riding is harmful to the environment in the Pigeon River area. Now signs are posted blocking off the horse trails because this regulation was signed as if it were a law. Where’s the outrage?

Tom states that there is a problem with apathy in this country. The outrage is everywhere and yet here we are. A select few are actually standing up in opposition to this lawlessness. The attack on religious liberties is growing. This nation is upwards of 80% Christian. Where are the Christians? This hall should be packed. The church needs to step up. Neighbors need to be rallied to get involved. It’s more than just a vote. Getting people to come out to the polls and vote is great, but it shouldn’t stop there. We are letting liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists, Democrats, etc. win. Our opposition is way more organized than we are.

For those who have reached out to our Representatives and Senators and have felt discarded and pushed aside; you need to understand how many people have voiced their opinion in opposition to yours. What’s a politician to do when the stack of Yeas outweighs the Nays? We must incite others to action! – Video Available on YouTube


4) Jonathan Carman – 1st District Field Director for the MIGOP

He spoke about the ground game for the Republicans this year. 2.2 million volunteers won Obama the election in 2012. We need to step up our game. Door knocking, phone calls, voter registration. Where you work, where you live, where you play. Engage people and invite them to act. Every little bit helps.


5) Frank Dimercurio - Executive Director of the Chosen Ranch and the ACR Youth Chair.

“Just give ‘em the truth.” Even if there’s nothing you can do for the Chosen Ranch or the kids, tell them the truth. Jim Stamas and Peter Pettalia were at a fellowship last summer and made some promises that were not kept. These kids are the next generation of grassroots activists and we want and need them to be involved in the process. But these kids have been deceived so many times. They don’t need that from local politicians.

The Chosen Ranch doesn’t want money from the government, nor from politicians. They want verbal support; a good word here or there to help the Ranch prosper and grow. – Video Available on YouTube

***Call to Action: Watch this video. If you don’t watch any of the others, watch this one.


6) David Chandler invited everyone to attend a presentation of the critically acclaimed documentary “Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit” on February 27th. To be held at the Shorline Players Theater in Oscoda (6000 N. Skeel Ave.). A discussion will be held following the film about how we, as a community, can face the challenges of a Government gone wrong. Sponsored by the Sunrise Side T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already).


New Business:

1) Precinct Delegates – Presentation by Lawrence Brozowski

All Precinct Delegates (PD) need to go back up to the courthouse in Harrisville and fill out an affidavit of identity to be placed on the ballot for the Michigan Primary on August 2nd. The deadline for filing to become a delegate is May 6th with a write-in deadline of July 29th. All PD positions are a 2 year term. We need to reach out to people in the western portion of the county. Curtis, Hawes, Millen, and Mitchell Townships, the City of Harrisville, and the Village of Lincoln do not currently have a Republican PD. There are multiple slots available. We have 2 and 3 positions for each of the 13 precincts, though the ACRC can reduce the number of proportional positions to create competition.

A PD should attend the monthly meetings and help out where possible. At the Alcona County Convention, we select 3 Delegates and 3 Alternates to the State Convention from our pool of PDs. State Conventions are for determining which Republicans will appear on the ballot come the November General Election. For example, there is no Primary for School Board, Trustees, Reagents, etc. for colleges. There also isn’t a Primary for our Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc. At State Conventions we also select Republican Party Leadership, and ultimately choose Delegates and Alternates to go to the Republican National Convention. That’s the Electoral College in a nutshell.

***Call to Action: Become a Precinct Delegate. – Video Available on YouTube


2) Open Carry / Concealed Carry – “If you got it, bring it.”

a. Sheriff Douglas Atchison clarified the legal way to transport a fire arm. If you have a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) you can openly transport your gun in the car. If you do not have a trunk in your vehicle, you need to store the gun and ammo separate and keep them both out of reach of the driver. – Video Available on YouTube


3) Township and Board Meetings – A handout was provided showing the schedule of the various Alcona County Township and Board meetings starting with February and going through May of 2016. All are welcome to attend these meetings.

***Call to Action: Attend your local township, village, city, etc. board meeting and tell them the Alcona County Republicans sent you.


4) Website Update – Carrie Mullins (not covered in the meeting)

The last $1 per day for 28 days FaceBook ad garnered 266 more likes to our page (best one yet). We now have 677 subscribers to our FaceBook page. We get well over 1,250 post engagements per week. This has also led to interest in our website. This is how we reach the masses and get the word out to as many people as possible.


5) Goals (not covered in the meeting) – 1: We plan on contacting other County Chair’s in the hopes that we can attend and staff events together. This will help save money and we can attend more local events. 2: Carrie Mullins is working on a “Who’s Running” handout. We need to know who’s running in contested races especially. She is hoping to have this available by the ACR Meeting on March 28th.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Next Meeting: February 22, 2016, 7 PM at Harrisville Township Hall.


*Note: These meeting minutes, our agenda’s and other items are sent via email from our [email protected] account. Please make sure this email address is added to your safe sender’s list. Thanks!


2-22-2016 Agenda

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Meeting Agenda for 2-22-2016

7:00 pm. Harrisville Township Hall, 114 S. Poor Farm Rd., Harrisville, MI 48740

Sign-in / Attendance Please arrive 15 minutes early and check the Tri-Fold Board

Call to Order 7:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Led by Lawrence Brozowski

Invocation Pastor Whitten or Ruemenapp

Official Business:


*1 min. – 1-25-16 Minutes Carrie Mullins – Via Email Distribution / Handout – To be accepted into the record.

1 min. – Treasurer Report David Dionne – To be read into the record for acceptance.



Peter Pettalia to Introduce:

*20 min. – Jackie Krawcziak – Head of Chamber of Commerce in Alpena - Running for MI House of Representatives 106th District

10 min. – Discussion; Q and A


*20 min. – Jack Bergman – Retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General - Running for U.S. Representative for the 1st District of MI

10 min. – Discussion; Q and A


*20 min. – James Hogge – Regional Deputy Chair on Volunteer Recruitment

10 min. – Discussion; Q and A


5 min. – Chairman’s Report Lawrence Brozowski – Hot Button Issues / Chart and Stickers

5 min. – Youth Chair Report Frank Dimercurio / Chosen Ranch, 4971 Beaton Rd. – Chosen Ranch Update

New Business:

Handout:  Presidential Primary March 8th – The 6 Candidates still running.


David Chandler and Sue Allor will also be at the meeting. You may be able to speak with them after the meeting. They are both also running for the MI 106th and will have speaking times at future meetings.

Adjournment Time__8:30 to 9:00 PM______


Next Meeting March 28, 2016 at 7 pm at Harrisville Township Hall


*Note: Speaking times are approximate.


Sunrise Side TEA Party Meeting / CANCELED

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per David Chandler, Chairman

February 24th, 2016 at 7 PM

G's Pizza, 5226 N. US-23, Oscoda, MI 48750

Open to the Public:

We will be holding our first Meeting of the 2016 Election Season.

This will be a planning session for the Year.

What events should we participate in?

 Memorial day events, 4th of July Parade, Primaries, Labor Day, General Election, Thanksgiving?

How can we better educate, inform, empower and engage the people in the cause of Liberty?

I will also be holding a “Meet and Greet” to kick off my Campaign for the 106th Michigan State House District Seat.

Bring your questions and issues for discussion.

This may also be a good time to recruit.


David Chandler


Showing of Agenda 2 in Oscoda, MI

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2016, The Year of Liberty


You’re invited


The Critically Acclaimed Documentary


“Agenda-2 Masters of Deceit”


7PM, 27 January 2016


Shoreline Players Theater, Oscoda


6000 N. Skeel Ave. Oscoda, MI 48750


A Night to Wake Up


Open to the Public


Free Admission



A discussion will be held following the film about how we, as a Community, can face the challenges of Government gone wrong.


Sponsored by the Sunrise Side T.E.A Party (Taxed Enough Already)


Agenda Correction Feb. 22, not 27

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It was brought to my attention at the meeting that the date for our next meeting was wrong. My bad. The February meeting is on Monday the 22nd not the 27th (which is a Saturday). Sorry about the confusion.

Carrie Mullins

Alcona County Republicans - Secretary

Meeting Agenda for 1-25-2016

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Alcona County Republicans

This meeting is open to the public.

Meeting Agenda for 1-25-2016

7:00 pm. Harrisville Township Hall, 114 S. Poor Farm Rd., Harrisville, MI 48740

/ Attendance Please arrive 15 minutes early

Call to Order 7:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Led by Lawrence Brozowski

Invocation Pastor Whitten or Ruemenapp

First Order of Business

*5 min. – Minutes of last meeting Carrie Mullins – Summary of 2015 Activities of Core Team

3 min. – Treasurer Report David Dionne – Read Into the Record by Proxy by Gary Wnuk

Guest Introductions

5 min. – Chairman’s Report Lawrence Brozowski – Local Politicians; Who’s running; Who’s

scheduled to attend the ACR meetings


20 min. – Jesse Osmer – Running for House of Representatives 106th District

10 min. – Discussion; Q and A

10 min. – Jonathan Carman – 1st District Field Director

10 min. – Discussion; Q and A

Continued Order of Business

5 min. – Vice Chair Report  - Gary Wnuk

8 min. – Web Activity Update  - Webmaster, Carrie Mullins – FaceBook and ad results,

3 min. – Membership Report  - Carrie Mullins – Any members who pay are good until Jan. 2017; Members garnered from Township meetings

3 min. – Youth Chair Report -  Frank Dimercurio / Chosen Ranch, 4971 Beaton Rd. – Chosen Ranch Update

New Business

  • 10 min. Township / Board Meetings
  • Precinct Delegates – Deadline for Registration; Recruitment
  • Open Carry / Concealed Carry, “If you got it, bring it.” – Lawrence Brozowski

Adjournment Time__8:30 to 9:00 PM______

Next Meeting February 27, 2016 at 7 pm at Harrisville Township Hall

*Note: Speaking times are approximate.

December 2nd Rally in Lansing

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We're in Recess until January 25, 2016

Posted by [email protected] on November 9, 2015 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

It was decided that we would recess for November and December as our meetings fall on the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will resume our monthly meetings in January 2016. It will be an important year with a lot to do. Our Jan. 25, 2016 meeting should be full of great information, speakers, and ACR business.