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The Alcona County Republicans are a group devoted to the Michigan Republican Party, and the Republican Party in general. We are for the Constitution, limited government, and freedom.

NEW CONTENT - April 24, 2017

ACR Blog - Meeting Agenda for Monday, April 24

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NEW CONTENT - March 26, 2017

ACR Blog - Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 27

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Local Events - February 2017 MIGOP Convention and Caucus Materials

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NEW CONTENT - January 24, 2017 

ACR Blog - Alcona County Call to Convention for Jan. 26, 2017

Calendar of Events 2017
April 24 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting

April 29th – Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

  • May 7th – Spring into Summer Expo at the ARA – 11 AM to 3 PM
  • May 20th – Lincoln / Reagan Dinner at Tawas Elks Lodge at 6 PM
  • May 22 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • June 24th – Chosen Ranch Fellowship – 3 PM to whenever
  • June 26 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • July 4th – Parades in Barton City (10 AM) and Glennie (2 PM)
  • July 8th – Mikado Days Parade and After
  • July 24 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • August 28 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • August 15th to 19th – Alcona County Fair
  • September 2nd and 3rd – Harmony Weekend in Harrisville
  • September 25 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • October 23 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting
  • November 27 at 7 PM @ Harrisville Township Hall – Monthly ACR Meeting


This is a video of Peter Pettalia speaking at our meeting on 6-22-15 about legislation to repair the roads in Michigan.

Celebrate Fall at the Chosen Ranch on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 3-7 p.m.

The afternoon begins with a special welcome from Frank Dimercurio, executive director of the Chosen Program, and worship music. Also happening at this time, (3:00pm) Jamie Bullis, assistant executive director, will conduct a special graduation ceremony for the young men who completed the Chosen Boys Summer Program.

Throughout the afternoon there will be tours of the home and property, children’s games and activities, including a working cider press and fire safety demonstrations by local fire departments.

At 4 p.m. there will be a wildlife educational program by Wildlife Recovery Association which rehabilitates injured birds of prey.

To wrap up this wonderful event, a meal will be offered toward the end of the evening around 5:30 p.m.

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 26 -- whether you can spend the entire afternoon, or attend for a while, we hope you will visit with us and share this special day.

The Chosen Ranch is located at 4971 Beaton Road, Harrisville. The easiest way to get there is by taking US-23. Beaton Road is approximately 5 miles north of Harrisville on the west side of the highway. The Ranch’s driveway is the first one on the right.

Letter to the Editor 10-22-2014

As we approach the upcoming November election, it is important at this time in history that we elect leaders with the best interest of our state in mind. Too often, northern Michigan is ignored to the benefit of more populous areas in other parts of the state. Northern Michigan is one of the most beautiful areas of this country and is a strong economic driver for our state including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resources. We need to send leaders to Washington / Lansing who will be a strong advocates for our part of the Michigan, working to grow our economy, and bring jobs to this region. Northeast Michigan abounds with opportunity and potential. We now have the opportunity to elect proven leaders who will be exactly what northeast Michigan needs. We have five strong leaders running for office this election cycle

Dan Benishek, for US Congress, Terri Lynn Land for the US Senate, Jim Stamas for the State Senate, Peter Pettalia for the Michigan House, and Rick Snyder for Governor. These people have been strong leaders for Michigan and are just the leaders we need for northern Michigan.

Lawrence Brozowski

Alcona County Republican Chairman

Harrisville, MI

On this site, you will learn about the Constitution, the Candidates, and current voting information. There is also a blog to help you stay current. You can always fill in the Contact Us form and ask questions.

Below are pictures taken at the Michigan State Convention held in Novi, MI on the 23rd of August, 2014.
We've got lots of signs up all over Alcona County. Thank you to Lawrence Brozowski for the pics.